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Yahoo! Bolsters E-Mail Security

Yahoo! Inc. launched a new encrypted e-mail delivery feature for users of its free e-mail service.

The new "Send via SecureDelivery.com" feature offers Yahoo! Mail users the option of sending their e-mail messages through ZixIt Corp.'s trademarked SecureDelivery service.

When selected, the service encrypts a sender's e-mail message and attachments. The recipient is then sent a separate notification alerting them that they have received an encrypted message. The notification e-mail contains a Web address that links to SecureDelivery.com, a wholly owned subsidiary of ZixIt, where the recipient can view the encrypted message.

To read the message the recipient must enter a secure pass phrase that allows them to access a Web page secured by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security standard. This provides an enhanced security environment for the recipient to access the e-mail message.

The new service is free and available to anyone with a yahoo.com e-mail address. Financial arrangements with ZixIt were not disclosed.

"We're providing an easy-to-use solution for those people who want the added security and safety that message encryption offers," said Lisa Police, senior producer at Yahoo! Communications Services Group.

Yahoo! Mail claims to have delivered 6.1 billion messages on Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger and egress in September 2000.