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WebGain, HP Team to Build Bridge Between Java, .NET

eBusiness automation software provider WebGain Inc. Tuesday struck a deal with Hewlett-Packard Company to deliver enterprise-class ebusiness solutions on the HP Bluestone Total-e-server application server.

The application server is the heart of the HP Netaction family of products, which utilizes XML standards and technologies to provide a bridge between Microsoft Corp.'s .NET platform and Sun Microsystem's Enterprise Java platform.

WebGain will develop versions of VisualCafe Enterprise Edition, WebGain Studio TopLink and Application Composer optimized for the Netaction family. Both companies will dedicate engineering, professional services, sales and marketing resources to developing the solutions, and HP said it will adopt WebGain Studio Professional for internal application development projects. In addition, WebGain will bundle evaluation copies of HP Bluestone Total-e-server with all its products.

"HP believes the next wave of business development opportunities will require a degree of flexibility that closed, non-standards-based systems cannot provide," said Bill Russell, vice president, HP Software Solutions Organization. "Today, HP is meeting that requirement with an open standards, multi-OS solution to software that enhances the approach taken by WebGain and its WebGain Studio suite of application development products."