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Dell Zinc ARM Server Lands at Apache

Thanks in part to some help from Dell, Apache is now turning its attention to the ARM server architecture to complement efforts on x86 and other platforms. Dell has donated a Calxeda ARM-powered server that Dell is referring to as "Zinc" for use by Apache.

Drew Schulke, product marketing manager for Dell DCS, told ServerWatch that efforts are now underway to port existing x86-based software to ARM.

"Calxeda will work with the open-source community for porting efforts," Schulke said. "Calxeda will directly contribute code fixes for certain projects like Apache Hadoop. The hardware, however, is available for any of the Apache project developers to use to test/port their project code."

The hardware itself is impressive. The Dell Zinc machines consist of a cluster of 24 Calxeda 4-core SOCs. In total, that amounts to 96 cores of ARM Cortex A9 that power the Dell Zinc.

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