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Intel CES Keynote : Wearables, Linux and Edison

At the core of Intel CEO Brian Krzanich's keynote at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week was the announcement and demonstration of new silicon called Edison, which is based on Intel's Quark effort that brings x86 computing down to the embedded computing form factor.

The Edison is the size of a standard SD-flash memory card and provides what Krzanich describes as Pentium-class computing capabilities. Edison is a 22-nanometer process based chip and initially will be available with a dual core and include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options. Edison will be at the core of a host of new smart connected devices that Intel want to help bring to market.

"We want to make everything smart, that's what Intel does," Krzanich said.

During his keynote Krzanich demonstrated how the Intel Edison chip could be used in smart baby monitoring solution. In the demo, an Edison chip was embedded with the baby monitor and then connected to an Intel Smart Coffee Cup, which was also Edison powered. The smart coffee cup display changed to reflect the status of the baby monitor.

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