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Red Hat OpenShift Brings Development to the Cloud

Red Hat is expanding OpenShift with Java build and development tools support to enable organizations to both build and deploy in the cloud.

"Previously you would code and do your dependency resolution in your own data center, your laptop or wherever you are working," Isaac Roth, PaaS Master at Red Hat told InternetNews.com. "Then you would upload the big binary object into the cloud which takes a long time to upload and then that would get deployed by the PaaS."

The new version of OpenShift changes that approach. The JBoss Tools IDE has now been integrated with OpenShift, so it's faster to deploy and easier to setup. Additionally, Apache Maven and the Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) system are also integrated with OpenShift.

"So now all the dependency resolutions, loading of libraries and the building and compiling are done in the cloud," Roth explained. "So as a developer you've got a much faster experience that is also lightweight."

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