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SUSE Joins Xamarin for Mono

Mono isn't dead, and SUSE isn't giving up on it entirely either. Attachmate's SUSE Linux division today officially announced a deal with startup Xamarin for support and ongoing development of Mono.

Xamarin is a company founded by former Novell employees including Nat Friedman and Mono founder Miguel de Icaza. The pair founded the company after Attachmate laid off an undisclosed number of Mono developers in May, following their acquisition of Novell.

"What we're announcing is that SUSE and Xamarin have entered into a partnering agreement, which will make sure that we are able to effectively support customers using Mono-based products," Holger Dyroff VP Product Management at SUSE told InternetNews.com. "As part of the partnership we are granting Xamarin a broad intellectual property license."

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SUSE Joins Xamarin for Mono