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SANTA to Test Web Sites for Holiday Shopping Readiness

Web focus group firm VRROOM launched a Shopping Audience Net Transaction Analysis (SANTA) program to provide live feedback to e-commerce site operators during online focus groups.

SANTA will use Electronically Linked Virtual Evaluation Shoppers (ELVES) to help Web marketers achieve their visions of a successful holiday shopping season, the company said.

"Experts predict explosive online shopping this holiday season, and now is the time Web sites need to identify any potential problem areas and fine tune their Internet shopping environment," said David Bradford, vice president and director of VRROOM.

"SANTA ELVES will give important direction to improve the shopping experience as it occurs in the online environment."

Specially recruited ELVES will purchase items from Web site clients using their credit cards and receive a pre-determined credit in return for participation in the study. Their reactions to the online transaction process will be gathered and offered to clients.

VRROOM, a division of Protocon Inc., provides services and products for researchers conducting online qualitative market research.

VRROOM provides advanced online focus group room rentals, a variety of sources for Web-based recruiting for online market research studies, and trains traditional focus group moderators to conduct online focus groups.