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Digital Commerce Launches B2G Marketplace

E-commerce solutions company Digital Commerce Corp. launched StateGovCenter.com, an electronic marketplace designed exclusively for state and local government procurement.

StateGovCenter.com customizes state-specific e-commerce sites to meet their individual requirements, the company said. Public employees use a variety of methods for purchasing goods and services including contracts with vendors, Request for Quotes (RFQs), and open market buys.

The State of Connecticut and the Fairfax County School System in Fairfax, VA already have adopted StateGovCenter.com, previously OrderLink, as one of their procurement systems for contract purchases.

"The ability to research and purchase online from state contracts, RFQs and on the open market is a tremendous opportunity to state and local governments," said Tony Bansal, president and chief executive officer of Digital Commerce.

"StateGovCenter.com will streamline the procurement process and drive down the cost of transactions as well as improve the reporting system."

The site is free to government users and features three components: purchasing contracts, Request for Quotes (RFQs) and open market buys. StateGovCenter.com enables users to easily research, compare and purchase products and services from multiple vendors through state government contracts or on the open market.

Additionally, the project management component of the service allows users to manage and measure individual and overall agency procurement activities efficiently.

Founded in 1995, Digital Commerce also operates FedCenter.com, an online marketplace for the federal government, MyGovClub.com, a personal resource for government and military personnel and their families, and PowerTrust.com , an Internet-based energy marketer.