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Google to Peddle MTV Content

Google  today announced a deal with Viacom  to syndicate clips from Viacom's MTV Networks over its AdSense network.

The companies said in a statement that Google will offer clips from MTV's Laguna Beach, the MTV Video Music Awards and Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants to some of the Web sites in Google's AdSense network.

"With the combination of our video technology, and extensive advertiser and publisher network, Google is in a leading position to help content owners, Web publishers and advertisers generate interest and increase revenue opportunities," said Google CEO Eric Schmidt in the statement.

Google and Viacom expect to begin testing the model later this month.

In addition to the syndication deal, the companies also announced that some MTV programs are downloadable through Google Video, for $1.99 per episode.

Google introduced its video ads product for AdSense in May.

Industry watchers applauded the move, saying it was new kind of product for Google, advertising space that to brand managers.

In its short history, Google has made most of its money on transactional advertising, including up to its most recent quarter.

Advertisers typically do business with Google because it places their ads where consumers are likely to click on them and transact business.

But clicks toward transactions are not the desired result of the brand advertising Google is likely to sell in front of the MTV clips.

That could make the space more difficult to value and sell as efficiently as Google auctions off sponsored links.

Google, which last week agreed to license content from news organization Associated Press, has lately shown a willingness to try almost any type of advertising.

A Google spokesperson told internetnews.comthey are looking at TV spots and have tested print ads.

Google is already selling terrestrial and satellite radio air time.