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Craigslist Sex Ads Again Targeted by States

Craigslist has long been a powerhouse when it comes to online classified ads -- driving millions in revenue for sellers across the country.

But the company has also faced scrutiny over its more risque, adult-themed listings, which have drawn criticism for enabling prostitution. Now it's facing those claims again thanks to a new push by a number of state attorneys general. But the popular classifieds site says that the latest effort is driven by politics. ECommerce-Guide has the story.

Craigslist is once again the target of a legal inquisition, with a group of 39 state attorneys general asking for answers about the company's efforts to keep illicit ads for prostitution and other crimes out of its listings.

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is leading the charge, reprising a role he played in negotiating with Craigslist in 2008 to secure a set of changes to the way the site monitors for unlawful content.

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