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RealNetworks Inks Deals With PC Game Developers

RealNetworks, Inc. Tuesday announced distribution agreements with ten game developers and publishers offering new games designed specifically for RealNetworks' Real.com Games. The developers and publishers are: And Now!, Church of Electronic Entertainment, Daydream Software, GameHouse, Midas Interactive, Ninai Games Inc., Small Rockets, Ltd., WEB Corp., Wizbang Software Productions, and Zombie. The company also announced that Intel will sponsor several new games for Real.com Games which provide graphic environments suited for the new Intel Pentium 4 Processor.

News of RealNetworks' new relationships comes amid a growing demand for the recently launched Games section on Real.com, which now has over two million registered users and receives up to 70,000 downloads each day across 45 currently released games.

"The phenomenal growth Real.com Games is experiencing is evidence of the huge market opportunity for downloadable games," said Andrew Wright, general manager, Games Group, RealNetworks, Inc. "We are thrilled to be teaming with world class developers and publishers to bring these breakthrough games to consumers, while at the same time, offering game providers an exciting new business model that combines advertising, in-game sponsorship and e-commerce."

"We saw the growing opportunity for digital distribution of games and designed Clusterball to take advantage of this new channel while maintaining world class gameplay, graphics and sound," said Jan Phersson-Broberg, vice president, Daydream. "We chose to do the electronic distribution of our games through Real.com Games because of its tremendous reach and pioneering efforts around digital game distribution."

"RealNetworks is quickly establishing itself as the top destination for fully downloadable games," said Jim Perkins, founder, president and CEO, WEB Corp. "RealNetworks' reach and expertise will be instrumental in getting our games to as many players as possible."

Real.com Games, through agreements with leading game developers, now has over 45 downloadable games in five genres, over 45 different web games, comprehensive user reviews, ratings, streaming previews and free game demos. New games now available include: Jetboat Superchamps II, Clusterball, Puzzle Station, Space Haste, Jamoke, and GameHouse games. Additionally, many of the exciting new titles currently in development, including TexAtomic's big bot battles, MAD, Kayak Extreme, Art is Dead, Super Bubble Pop, Monkey Brains and Smallball can be viewed from the "Coming Soon" section.