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Preview, Convera Roll Out Commerce Platform For Secure Digital Audio Devices

Preview Systems, Inc. and Convera Corporation have announced that the Convera Internet Software Integrity System (ISIS) has been integrated into the latest version of the Preview ZipLock for Media platform. Convera ISIS is a software solution designed to enhance the secure online distribution of premium digital content, such as music, video, documents and books.

"Our goal is to make questions of format compatibility, rights management and licensing invisible to the end user," said Vincent Pluvinage, CEO of Preview Systems. "The new features of the ZipLock for Media platform ensure that the consumer experience is consistent and simple. The integration of Convera ISIS enables us to offer publishers expanded options for delivering content."

"Record labels and content publishers now have an open, interoperable solution for delivering secure content and respecting copyrights," said Parvinder S. Kohli, Vice President of Content Security Solutions, Convera. "With Convera ISIS, Preview also is able to securely support additional audio formats and portable devices, such as AAC formatted audio and SD portable music players."

The intention is to make the ZipLock for Media platform better meet the needs of both content producers and end-users. For example, record labels want to offer consumers a broad choice of music, while ensuring that the transaction is secure, copyrights are intact and protected, distribution through their channels can be accommodated and the listener can enjoy his music on a range of devices. On the other hand, consumers want a simple purchase/download experience and the option to listen to their music on various players. ZipLock for Media 3.5 addresses both concerns.

Also, as record labels and the manufacturers of digital music portable devices split between their support of various codecs, file formats and rights protection mechanisms, ZipLock for Media helps make music available to a broader market. For example, some labels and portable device manufacturers support the Microsoft Windows Media Audio codec, while others support the AAC format, licensed by Dolby Laboratories. By supporting multiple portable device solutions and formats, ZipLock for Media 3.5 provides a comprehensive platform, ensuring an easy, reliable end-user experience.

"The integration of the Preview Systems platform with SD Memory Cards will give consumers the ability to transfer their music from their PCs to SD-Audio portable players both quickly and securely," said Sakon Nagasaki, Director of Matsushita's AV Electronic Distribution Business Development Office. "Matsushita Electric hopes that this integration will make the global music industry feel more confident to enter and expand the nascent digital music distribution business."