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A Sybase Move Toward Mobile Growth

Sybase plans to give its developers and partners a preview of future plans at its TechWave conference today in Las Vegas. The company also plans to announce a global alliance with HTC, a leading provider of Microsoft Windows Mobile "smart" devices, such as T-Mobile's Dash.

Sybase's long-term "Unwired Enterprise" mobile initiative will be top of mind at the conference today as the company previews advances planned for release next year and into 2009.

"The key benefit is going to be improved interoperability between all these mobile devices," said Rob Veitch, senior director of business development at Sybase. "We want to be proactive about this, share road maps and work together on things we know to be issues."

Sybase will discuss data services that provide a uniform way to access heterogeneous data sources, ranging from structured and unstructured data to pre-packaged applications.

Also up for discussion are mobile middleware services that act as a bridge between enterprise data and mobile devices in development and deployment environments.

Device services, which will provide a uniform interface for deploying applications across a range of device platforms, are also on the schedule, as is a unified application development tool for linking enterprise data sources and processes.

Finally, the company will preview an administration console designed to give IT a single view to help manage, secure and deploy mobile data applications and devices.

Sybase is involved in a number of large mobile deployments, including one with the U.S. Census Bureau that involves 500,000 users.

Veitch said Sybase wants to help IT better manage the growing interest and reliance on mobile devices in the enterprise. To that end, he said Sybase has completed testing and is ready to validate virtualization technologies with its Information Anywhere suite of mobile management and security technology.

"Mobile is moving from a tactical to a strategic entity in the IT space," Veitch told internetnews.com. He noted that the growth of mobile applications on the front end, at the device level, means there is a management challenge of implementing the right software and support in backend systems.

He said Sybase's ultimate goal is to become a one-stop-shop of tools that simplify how mobile apps are built for any variety of device with a standard interface for developers.

"We want to provide an integrated technology stack from end-to-end for the unwired enterprise over the next 12 to 18 months," he said.