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i4i Unveils XML Multi-Server Search Engine

Canada-based Infrastructures for Information Inc. (i4i) will unveil a new multi-server search engine at the XML 2000 show in Washington, D. C. next month.

Code-named Alice, the product conducts XML searches of mulitple data repositories fitted with any architecture when combined with i4i's S4/TEXT™.

Such capability will boost productivity by eliminating time-consuming searches for existing corporate information through multiple internal and external repositories, as well as duplication of effort in recreating information.

Alice was tailored for employees who repeatedly find themselves delving into their companies' search engines for charts, spreadsheets, or even contracts.

Alice breaks this cycle by turning Microsoft Word into a browser that can search multiple corporate network servers for the files containing the information they need. Important files can be book-marked so that the end-user can find them again at will, creating their own personalized map of the corporate information they use.

Alice also keeps track of which information is being used, much the same way Internet hit counters do so managers can see which corporate documents are accessed most often.

i4i, whose customers include Alcatel Networks Corp. and Compaq Computer Corp., provides content creation and collaboration technology solutions for the enterprises through a combination of Microsoft Word, existing e-mail systems and the Web.

i4i's S4 DataPipe&$153; suite features products that permit information sharing among different computer applications by accessing and manipulating document content using XML and it's forbearer SGML. One such DataPipe is the S4/TEXT, which has been bundled with Alice.