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IntraNet Solutions Shows Global Leanings

IntraNet Solutions Inc. Wednesday enlisted the aid of three firms to add multilingual capabilities for its highly-touted Xpedio content management system.

How much INRS will pay the firms for their combined services has not been disclosed.

Joining INRS for the deal were infrastructure software provider GlobalSight, e-business specialist Uniscape and translation agency Worldlingo, all three of which plan to work together to market advanced globalization and language translation capabilities with its Xpedio content management system.

The new agreements make it possible for INRS' customers to create secure, multilingual Web sites with business content that is easily managed, translated and published.

Robert Olson, chairman and chief executive officer of INRS, said the move was clearly an attempt to help INRS beef up its international appeal.

"Our agreements with GlobalSight, Uniscape and Worldlingo will provide our Xpedio customers with premium globalization features and will further extend our reach into the business-to-business market worldwide," Olson said in a company statement.

Olson also knows that some 96 percent of all commercial Web sites are in English, while 50 percent of all Internet users do not speak English, according to Worldlingo. INRS' deal makes sense because Worldlingo's research also shows that people are four times more likely to buy if addressed in their native language.

As for details about the three new partners, GlobalSight, whose customer base includes Hewlett-Packard Co. and General Electric Inc., will offer INRS its globalization management system (GMS), GlobalSight System3, which automates the localization, leveraging and global management of e-business content for delivering information online to multilingual audiences.

Uniscape's comprehensive globalization platform and services help Global 1000 companies and e-commerce leaders to speed time-to-global markets: The firm's chief clientele includes VerticalNet Inc., DoubleClick Inc. and Commerce One Inc.

Though more low-key than the other two firms in the deal, Worldlingo is no less important in the deal as it offers the important translation components, which include professional human translation, such as the localization of Web sites and software presentations for multilingual browsing.