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RapidStream Bows Firewall Appliance to Protect Intranets

Gearing up to combat what it said is a rise in security threats to corporate intranets, RapidStream Inc. Monday released a new firewall appliance to shore up office security.

The RapidStream 1000 bundles a 200 Mbps firewall with 50 Mbps of VPN, allowing companies to implement security within their corporate intranet quickly and cost effectively. RapidStream said the real value-add with this product is that it contains the same feature set of its high-end models, yet costs a shade under 2,000.

RapidStream 1000 boasts firewall inspection, hacker defense, IPSec VPN and digital certificates, but also included a unique port for failover protection; if the primary unit fails, the backup unit activates via the industry-standard virtual routing redundancy protocol (VRRP), eclipsing the normal delays in dispatching a technician to install and configure a replacement unit.

Also saving crucial time is that RapidStream 1000 is powered by the company's programmable security ASIC, RapidCore. With this, latency is measured in microseconds, crucial for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or delay-sensitive applications where millisecond latencies are an impediment.

To be sure, corporate security is a concern (just ask Microsoft or eBay) as companies' networks have been attacked en masse in recent months.

In a recent study, the Computer Security Institute surveyed 538 computer security practitioners in the U.S. and seventy percent of the respondents (primarily large corporations and government agencies) cited their Internet connection as a frequent point of attack, an eleven percent increase from last year's survey.

Thirty one percent reported recurrent attacks on their internal systems. But perhaps most alarming is that 64 percent of those surveyed acknowledged financial losses due to computer breaches.

Vince Liu, RapidStream president and chief executive officer, said RapidStream 1000 was designed to help companies seal such security gaps, whether external or internal.

The RapidStream 1000 will be available in May 2001 from RapidStream reseller and partner channels for $1,195.