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Sybase Adds Translation Server to its Portal Manager

Sybase Inc. Tuesday bundled Enterprise SDL International's Translation Server into the Portal Translation Manager option available for Sybase Enterprise Portal 2.0 Portal Translation Manager.

Sybase said its translation manager tool would now provide real-time translations of documents or data flowing through the portal upon request, and is fully integrated with portal security and other services.

The Sybase Enterprise Portal (EP) is a customizable platform offering that integrates global business IT systems and personalizes them for the Web. By integrating the Enterprise Translation Server into the portal offering, Sybase can offer clients the ability to give their customers a solution that facilitates real-time translations of portal applications, intranet and Web pages.

How does a translation server work? SDL's employs a machine translation system that interprets the structure of sentences in the source language (the language the user is translating from) and generates a translation based on the rules of the target language (the language the user is translating to). The process involves breaking down varying sentence structures, identifying parts of speech, resolving ambiguities and synthesizing the information into the components and structure of the new language.

Tim Fallen-Bailey, director of the Global Products Group at Sybase, said his company's portal customers, which span the world, are increasingly requiring data integration in multiple languages.

"SDL International's Enterprise Translation Server enables Sybase to provide a scaleable, multilingual solution for our Enterprise Portal customers," Fallen-Bailey said.

Translation servers, which decrypt different languages without the need to re-create separate Web pages, are hardly a novelty and are becoming a requirement for many companies who want to operate on a global basis. For instance, representatives from Microsoft could negotiate with members of a Japanese company such as Sony seamlessly over the Web to broker a deal. Moreover, it is done in real-time.

IBM Corp. is one of the more widely-known companies that has developed a translation server. Its WebSphere Translation Server makes it possible for enterprises to provide Web pages, e-mail messages and chat conversations in multiple languages, in real time. Much like SDL's tool, the Websphere translation server is designed for enterprise use.

SDL's Enterprise Translation Server has a starting price of $25,000 U.S. dollars. The Enterprise Translation Server runs under Windows NT and enables the translation of plain text and document files over a Lotus Notes/Domino environment, a TCP/IP networking environment, a Microsoft networking environment, Java or HTML clients.

Sybase's Portal Translation Manager pricing starts at $29,995 U.S. dollars and is available with 24-7 support.