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Software Vendors Hug Microsoft's Portal Server

Microsoft Corp. Friday got quite an endorsement of its rarely-talked-about portal server as 13 software vendors pledged to fit their new enterprise offerings with the software giant's SharePoint Portal Server.

The announcement was made at the Microsoft Fusion 2001 business symposium and partner exposition, in Anaheim, Calif. The firms who agreed to support SharePoint by offering it to their customers include: Aimware Inc., Citrix Systems Inc., Corechange Inc., Decision Support Panel International (DSP), Elite Information Systems, InfoImage Inc., Intervate, IXOS Software AG, JPH International, K-Solutions Inc., Notable Solutions Inc., Semio Corp. and Webridge Inc.

Developed by Microsoft's research and development team and launched in May, SharePoint Portal Server merges functionality with document management solutions, resulting in a customizable enterprise portal.

Microsoft's largest customer on the enterprise software vending list is Citrix Systems Inc., which recently acquired portal vendor Sequoia Software Corp. Citrix Friday said it plans to integrate the search and document management functionality in SharePoint Portal Server with its XML-based portal product, XPS.

"Making the search and document management functionality of SharePoint Portal Server part of our portal solutions will improve user productivity through more efficient use of information sources," said Paul Hahn, director of corporate development for Citrix. "The functionality of SharePoint Portal Server nicely complements the broad capabilities of our XML-based portal software."

Other vendors have announced new products built on or for SharePoint Portal Server:

  • Aimware will offer a Web-based collaboration product designed for the Microsoft SharePoint platform
  • Corechange will integrate its Coreport 3g with SharePoint, providing customers with role-based, single sign-on functionality, enterprise portal scalability, availability and wireless access
  • DS Panel will provide business intelligence Web Parts for linking SharePoint to business analysis tools
  • Elite Information Systems is leveraging Microsoft's Web Parts and SharePoint strategy in its development efforts for Elite Dashboard, which is designed to ease the portal access to Elite practice management solutions for law firms and professional services firms
  • InfoImage will integrate its Decision Portal 4 product with SharePoint, providing customers with document management and search, discussion and subscription abilities; scalability to 3 million users; and reduced search times
  • Intervate will combine its IntraCS with SharePoint, resulting in a scalable solution that enables customers to deploy robust and cost-effective enterprise intranet applications
  • IXOS Software will provide customers with secure storage and management of large volumes of documents through integration of the IXOS-eCONserver with SharePoint
  • Notable Solutions' AutoStore 2000, built for SharePoint, will offer customers a way to convert paper documents into electronic versions, such as Microsoft Word, PDF or HTML formats, which can restored and retrieved
  • Semio will combine Semio Tagger, its core categorization and indexing engine, with SharePoint. The combined products will offer users enhanced content analysis and categorization capabilities for more precise information management
  • Webridge's Webridge PX fortifies SharePoint with extranet security and B2B commerce modules that enable secure collaboration, and accelerate conventional and XML-automated sales to strategic customers and distribution partners.