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Yahoo! Tweaks its Corporate Offerings

Nearly lost in the hectic shuffle of a significant deal between Yahoo! Inc. and Sony Corp. , was the announcement that the portal giant Tuesday upgraded its corporate portal solution.

While most industry watchers or investors were perking up to Yahoo!'s and Sony's co-branded content and communications tools agreement, the popular portal and media company also quietly integrated enterprise applications, enhanced management of user groups and deepened adoption of open standards for its chief intranet solution, Corporate Yahoo!.

The software is called PortalBuilder 3.0. and it is geared to run behind the corporate firewall to allow IT departments to deploy portals that aggregate corporate resources within a flexible interface. As is the design of most intranet solutions, this standardization on a content delivery platform, Yahoo! hopes, will yield increased productivity and reduced costs throughout the enterprise that uses it.

"With just over a year in deployment, Corporate Yahoo! has enjoyed tremendous success in bringing enterprise portal solutions to Global 2000 companies and state governments," said John Willcutts, vice president and general manager of Corporate Yahoo!. "PortalBuilder 3.0 offers important new features and flexibility, and builds on our commitment to deliver personalized, collaborative portal solutions that are easy to deploy and easier to administer."

To ensure up-to-the-minute data is presented across enterprises, Corporate Yahoo! incorporates real-time software from TIBCO Software Inc., but Yahoo! also inked recent deals with infrastructure provider Interwoven Inc. to integrate content and Northern Light Technology Inc., which will offer its online business library of over 7,000 full-text sources as well as a search service to locate relevant sources.

Available now, Yahoo! PortalBuilder 3.0's new features include:

  • Simplified integration - to Aggregate data from enterprise applications using pre-built PortalPacks, allowing integration between PortalBuilder 3.0 Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, PeopleSoft, SAP, and Siebel
  • Content Distribution Using Roles and Groups -- delegates administration rights to managers and shifts control of specific portal functions from the IT department to the portal users within an administrative framework
  • Internationalization -- full support for double-byte encoding allows portal content created in multiple languages and character sets to be presented on a single portal page. Administrators may also target portal content and presentation to users in specific locations or languages
  • Further Open Standards Adopted to Eliminate Single Vendor Risk -- as it is J2EE-compliant, PortalBuilder 3.0's Java servlet architecture runs on platforms developed by BEA WebLogic, JRun and iPlanet. Also runs on Sun Solaris, HP/UX, Microsoft Windows NT, and Microsoft Windows 2000

Corporate Yahoo! is used by such major corporations as McDonald's, Bayer AG and Honeywell. Pricing for the application is based on the number of users.