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Apple's WWDC Gets Its Date as Rumors Swirl

Apple's now confirming that its upcoming Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) is set for June 8-12 at San Francisco's Moscone Center -- a revelation that would, for almost any other company, normally merit little more than an events listing.

But for closely watched Apple, it could be a critical event.

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has waited till now to confirm the WWDC dates, sparking speculation the timing hinged on the readiness of a new iPhone or perhaps the reemergence of CEO Steve Jobs, who is currently on medical leave. Jobs is slated to return to active duty at the company in June.

The iPhone 3G made its debut at the last WWDC, also in June.

Apple has already released a beta of the software development kit (SDK) for the iPhone 3.0 operating system. The agenda for WWDC indicates Apple plans to go into detail about 3.0's new features which includes changes to App Store, new e-commerce and push features.

With all the coverage iPhone gets, it's easy to forget Apple is still in the computer business. WWDC will also feature tracks for Macintosh developers, including a deep technical dive into the company's forthcoming, 64-bit Snow Leopard operating system due out later this year.

WWDC typically sells out, and given the interest in Snow Leopard and the iPhone, the June event should be no exception -- despite the rocky economy.

But this is not a casual investment. The cost to attend WWDC is $1,595 (or $1295 if you pay by April 24).

Apple's standard practice is to invite select media to cover the opening keynote, while the rest of the conference is restricted to paid developers who also sign non-disclosure agreements.