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Loose Lips Leak Details on Intel Chips

Project 2501 by Andy Patrizio (bio)

Making sense of an overwhelming sea of information

Three details - price, speeds and feeds - are the last details Intel likes to release when introducing new parts, but thanks to a German e-tailer, some of those details are out.

Next year, the Clarkdale CPU family will hit the market. These will be 32nm dual-core - all codenames with "-dale" are dual-core, while "-field" codenames are quad core - and will have an integrated GPU on the die. The GPU core, however, will be 45nm.

They will be sold under the brand names Core i3-500 and Core i5-600. These will be fast little buggers right out of the gate, starting at 2.93GHz and climbing to 3.46GHz. All but the two low-end i3 processors will have Turbo Boost feature, where unused cores are turned off and extra horsepower is given to the ones in use.

For example, the Core i5-660 reportedly runs at 3.33GHz but in Turbo mode can hit 3.6GHz. The Core i5-670, a 3.46GHz part, can hit 3.73GHz.

The pricing is in Euros but sure looks appealing. The Core i3-530, the slowest of the CPUs, is 84.16 Euros, or US$126, while the high-end Core i5-670 is 205 Euros, or US$306.

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