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SGI Joins Xeon Lovefest With Origin Revival

Intel's new Xeon processor has opened the floodgates for a deluge of new systems built on the Westmere technology, and SGI is no exception. SGI is going all in on the Xeon 5600 launch, upgrading all of its servers to support the latest from Intel.

Server Watch has the story on SGI's new servers, which revive the firm's old Origin branding.

SGI has become part of the Xeon parade, announcing new x86 servers that will use Intel's latest and greatest server processor, the 5600. As part of the deal, SGI -- formerly known as Silicon Graphics, Inc. -- is revisiting a name from the past.

The SGI (NASDAQ: SGI) of today is a result of Rackable Systems' acquisition of what was left of the old Silicon Graphics, after which Rackable took the SGI name for the combined company due to its storied legacy. Today, the new SGI is combining Rackable's high-density rack mounted systems with SGI's proprietary technologies that allowed for massive, scalable Intel-based systems.

As a result, SGI is upgrading all of its server products to support the new Xeon 5600 series (codenamed "Westmere-EP") while resurrecting its old Origin branding for its newest server, the Origin 400 workgroup blade server.

With the new releases, the new Xeon 5600-series processors will find themselves in the Altix ICE high-performance computing clusters, CloudRack and Rackable scale-out servers, SGI InfiniteStorage servers, and Octane III personal supercomputers. Thanks to the new six-core Xeon 5600 and the extreme density of Rackable systems, one cabinet can hold as many as 1,000 cores, the company said.

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