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Fujitsu Intros new Xeon Cloud Computing Servers

Once you get beyond IBM, HP and Dell, it's pretty tough to get much attention in the x86 market. You have to have something unique to offer. Fujitsu America thinks it does with its high-density computing servers, including its newest, the CX1000 cloud computing server with Intel Xeon 5600 processors. What's special about it? Server Watch finds out.

The conga line of Intel Xeon 5600 server partners looking to the cloud continues to grow, with the addition of Fujitsu America. The Japanese systems vendor, dominant in its native land but a blip in the U.S., is rolling out new Primergy systems through its American business unit specifically targeting cloud computing environments with Intel's new server processor.

The Primergy CX1000 system holds up to 38 of the 1U CX1000 rack systems in an enclosure with shared power distribution and cooling components -- and with a cabinet design very different from the traditional server cabinet.

For starters, Fujitsu eliminated putting a power supply on each rack and instead put a central power supply that feeds each rack. Plus, it closed off the back of the cabinets and instead put large fans and exhaust vents on the top of the server. So instead of blowing heat out back, it blows it out of the top of the cabinet.

This eliminates the traditional "hot aisle/cold aisle" setup seen in most datacenters, since the Fujitsu cabinets can be placed back-to-back.

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