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AMD Ramps Up High-End Pro Graphics Play

AMD has had its work cut out for it during recent years -- struggling with business issues and a resurgent Intel while its ATI unit fought tooth-and-nail to hang on to its share of the discrete graphics space.

Now that the situation is easing up for the chipmaker, it's now free to set its sights on the lucrative, if small, market for high-end professional graphics cards: Think Hollywood-style graphics here. It's another market where AMD is playing catchup, but if all goes well, its new FirePro product launches will help catapult it into serious contention with Nvidia. HardwareCentral takes a look.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- During the Academy Awards season, graphics chip vendor Nvidia enjoyed its share of Oscar glory by noting that all three films up for the Best Visual Effects award ("Avatar," "Star Trek," and "District 9") used Nvidia cards to process those Oscar-nominated effects.

Its rival AMD (NYSE: AMD) now wants a piece of that action, and in a briefing here at its headquarters, announced the first of several initiatives to significantly ramp up its efforts in the professional graphics market with a series of new cards from its graphics business unit, ATI. These new cards will be sold under the company's existing workstation product band, FirePro.

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