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Microsoft Probing Chinese Factory Allegations

Microsoft says it has sprung into action in response to allegations of prison-like conditions in a Chinese factory run by one of its manufacturing partners.

The company says it has a team of investigators en route to investigate the charges of the National Labor Committee, a global labor watchdog.

In a report issued this week, the group alleged KYE, a firm based in Dongguan that assembles mice and other hardware for Microsoft, of forcing children to work shifts as long as 15 hours a day six or seven days a week, paying wages of less than a dollar an hour.

Datamation has the story on the report and Microsoft's response.

Caught off guard by accusations that its mice and other hardware products are being produced under prison-like conditions, Microsoft said it has officials on their way to China to see for themselves if the allegations are true.

The allegations regarding a Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) overseas manufacturing contractor surfaced in a report issued this week by the not-for-profit National Labor Committee, a global labor watchdog.

The NLC is perhaps best known for helping to blow the whistle in 1996 on sweatshop labor used to make Kathie Lee Gifford's line of clothing.

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