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Portable Pocket Projectors the Next Big Thing?

Lugging around a laptop and a display projector is a nuisance, one that has gone on even though it seems like every other technology has been shrunk radically. However, research firm DisplaySearch sees a revolution coming, where display projectors will be the size of a smartphone. So what can these new little displays do and when can we expect them? Small Business Computing takes a look.

The next big thing for presenters is smaller, more portable presentation gear. A new generation of these tiny, handheld devices that enable a large image to be projected onto a wall are going to be hot sellers over the next several years, according to a new report by DisplaySearch, a division of the research firm NPD Group.

These portable projectors will also be increasingly embedded in mobile devices like smartphones as well as sold as standalone devices. One key driver likely to spur presentation portability is an emerging Wi-Fi Direct specification designed to bring wireless connectivity to a range of devices, including cell phones and projectors. Devices using a test version of Wi-Fi Direct were shown at this year's Consumer Electronics Show and should start appearing in products later this year.

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