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More Apple Surprises to Come: Analyst

A new report suggests that in addition to whopping profits on the heels of another blockbuster -- the iPad -- Apple is poised to not only surge in revenues but also in its impact on the tech world as we know it.

Clearly, Apple's already had a dramatic impact on the PC market, the portable music market, the smartphone market, industrial design and a host of other areas. But according to Inside Digital Media, the company is just getting started. Datamation takes a look.

Apple's iPad has proved to be a smash hit following its debut last month, reportedly selling over 1 million units of the tablet PC even faster that it was able to sell 1 million units of its megahit iPhone. But you ain't seen nothing yet, according to analyst Phil Leigh, publisher of the Inside Digital Media newsletter.

IDM's just-released Future of Apple market research report predicts Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is on a fast track for mega-growth that will carry it past $100 billion in annual sales in less than five years.

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