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AMD Expands Vision Product Offerings

AMD's Vision program, which involves an all-AMD chip solution in the notebook, is probably something only AMD could get away with due to its market position relative to Intel and Nvidia. That said, while AMD is the smaller company, it's also got some winning products that are gaining ground with consumers.

So today, AMD is expanding the program with many more notebooks and two new mobile designs that promise better performance and battery life. Plus, the company is now supporting desktops. Hardware Central has the details.

AMD today announced it has expanded its Vision branding and technology program to include many more products with two new laptop platform designs and that it will also bring it to desktop computers.

Vision is an all-AMD chip offering for computers. Instead of building a laptop with an AMD (NYSE: AMD) processor and someone else's chipset and graphics processing unit, Vision is a label for laptops using a CPU, GPU and chipset all provided by AMD. Also, instead of selling the laptop on speeds and feeds, it uses a labeling method based on use. Instead of hyping gigahertz, the Vision campaign asks, "Do you want to create content, or just consume it?"

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