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IBM Adds nVidia GPUs to iDataPlex Servers

Despite the earnest pitches from nVidia and AMD's ATI, mainstream vendors have been reluctant to include graphical processors in their high-end servers.

But one those vendors has seen its luck turn. IBM has announced plans to include nVidia's Tesla processors in its System x iDataPlex compute-intensive servers.

Will Big Blue's deal with nVidia open the floodgates for more vendors to include GPUs in their compute-intensive servers? Server Watch takes a look.

nVidia and ATI, the graphics arm of AMD, have been promoting their graphics processors as viable alternatives for compute-intensive tasks for some time, but so far, mainstream server vendors have been slow to bite. Until now.

IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced it would include Tesla processors from nVidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) in its System x iDataPlex scale-out servers. The new servers are aimed at organizations that need to run tasks with massive amounts of mathematical computation, and while GPUs -- short for graphics processing units -- have been generally used to render advanced 2D and 3D graphics, at their heart, they're essentially floating point processors with hundreds of cores interconnected to do math computation.

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