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Seagate Debuts Hybrid SSD/Platter Hard Drive

With the new Momentus XT, Seagate is trying to walk a fine line, combining speedy solid-state technology with the robust capacity of a platter-based hard disk in a new hybrid drive.

The secret ingredient in Seagate's latest is an algorithm that comes to learn a user's computing habits and places the most frequently accessed data on the 4GB SSD, while moving other data off when not in use.

The 2.5-inch drive offers a form factor suitable for notebooks, but thanks to a third-party mounting bracket, the company says the Momentus XT can also work in desktops or even servers.

Hardware Central has the details on Seagate's new hybrid SSD/platter hard drive.

Seagate is offering the best of both worlds with a new hard drive, the Momentus XT, that combines the capacity of a platter-based hard disk with the speed of a solid-state drive (SSD). Combining the two is a special algorithm that learns the user's habits and stores the most commonly retrieved data on the SSD, or moves data off when not used.

Seagate (NYSE: STX) tried something like this a few years ago but the drives were not well received due to poor performance. After a few more years of technological advances, the company said it's got the kinks worked out.

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