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Nvidia Pushes 3D for Apps at Computex

Avatar and Pixar have made 3D cool, after so many failed attempts, but for home theater enthusiasts, it's a pretty expensive proposition. For PC owners, though, Nvidia plans to make 3D for your PC affordable and useful for more than just watching movies. So what else will be in 3D? HardwareCentral has the details.

If you notice your accounting department wearing those funky 3D glasses similar to the ones theaters issued for How To Train Your Dragon, chances are they might be working on a 3D spreadsheet and not goofing off at work.

In that case, you may have PC graphics giant Nvidia to thank.

The massive Computex show in Taipei begins on June 1 and will feature a host of new hardware designs, products, prototypes and components, many of which will be in stores by the end of the year. This year's show is expected to be dominated by tablet designs as everyone attempts to knock Apple off the top of the mountain.

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Nvidia Pushes 3D for Apps, Web Video