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Chip Vendors Join Forces in Mobile Linux Push

Mobile Linux is a popular movement these days. Last week, it was Intel and Nokia releasing version 1.0 of their MeeGo operating system. Now, several other chipmakers are getting in on the act.

Vendors such as ARM, Freescale and Texas Instruments have teamed up to launch Linaro, a consortium dedicated to advancing Linux development on embedded system-on-chips. Hardware Central takes a look.

The development of Linux on mobile devices may be poised to get a boost thanks to the formation of a new industry group called Linaro, backed by a consortium of chip vendors including ARM, Freescale, Texas Instruments, Samsung and ST-Ericsson.

The goal of Linaro is to enable development of Linux on embedded System-on-Chips (SoC) including ARM-based processors. The effort will also leverage engineering help and resources from Ubuntu Linux vendor Canonical.

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