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Tilera's 64-Core Processor Powers Web Server

Intel, AMD and Nvidia might be among the top names you think of when it comes to chip innovation. Big computer companies like HP and IBM have had their fair share of innovative chip designs too.

But it doesn't always take the considerable resources of these big tech firms to innovate. A case in point, detailed by ServerWatch, is Tilera, a startup that has kept its plans under wraps for several years until now.

Just when SeaMicro thought it had the market for low-power, high-density Web servers all to itself, Tilera has announced that it's pursuing the same market with its 64-core TILEPro64 processor.

Tilera, a startup created by former MIT professors, has been operating in stealth mode for three years since its debut at the Hot Chips conference in 2007, but now it's coming to market with its first OEM partner.

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