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IBM Makes Big Iron a Virtualization Hub

IBM reinvents the mainframe every few years, proving the naysayers who declare the mainframe dead to be wrong every time. ServerWatch reports that with this year's revision, IBM has added virtualization support that extends to non-mainframe IBM systems. That means the mainframe isn't just the figurative center of a data center, it will become the place where non-mainframe systems are managed as well.

IBM today introduced the latest iteration in its mainframe line, once again showing that declarations that the mainframe is dead are dead wrong. The new zEnterprise server introduces several hardware firsts, but lost in the noise of the hardware is a significant restructuring at Big Blue.

The hardware and software groups at IBM (NYSE: IBM) are merging into a single combined entity under the management of Steven Mills, who had been head of software. IBM said this will allow for greater integration of hardware and software in its products.

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