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Lyric Semiconductor Touts Probability Processors

A startup called Lyric Semiconductor is promising to upend the world of chips with a new development it says helps processors take probability into account.

Lyric says its processor technology creates circuits capable of outputs other than the ones and zeros used in current CPU logic. The idea could yield a sea change in processing power, since probabilities today -- on which a staggering variety of industries and use cases, from spam filtering to memory error checking to financial modeling, rely -- are so computationally expensive.

As a result, Lyric says its technology could sharply cut down processing power requirements, in some cases replacing 1,000 processors by one Lyric processor. Hardware Central has the story.

Binary logic has been at the heart of digital computing since its infancy. But Lyric Semiconductor thinks it can change all that with a new technology called probability processing that it's betting could revolutionize everything from financial modeling to spam filtering.

Lyric said it has invented a new kind of logic gate circuit that uses transistors as dimmer switches rather than on/off switches. According to Lyric, these circuits can accept inputs and calculate outputs that are between zero and one, directly representing probabilities.

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