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All New Amazon Cloud Services Start with a Press Release

Werner VogelsAt Amazon's re:invent conference in Las Vegas last week, CTO Werner Vogels detailed a number of new cloud services that his company is now officially launching. Those services include the new Kinesis real-time event streaming service, new virtual server instances for high-performance computing and support for the open source PostgreSQL database in Amazon's Relational Database Service (RDS).

During his keynote address, Vogels said that Amazon makes a lot of announcements in any given year as it continuously aims to add new features and functionality to the cloud. To the outsider it might seem like there is no method to Amazon's feature adding efforts, but Vogels does have a plan.

Vogels explained that he has a very straightforward process to figuring out what new service will be added to AWS next. It all begins with a press release.

"In a press release you often say in very simple and clear terms, exactly that which you're going to deliver," Vogels said.

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