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Tag Your World

As more media goes digital and social life moves online, it can be hard to keep track of where personal content is stored. TagWorld aims to become the preferred hub for digital consumers.

The site, unveiled on Monday, offers a set of tools for organizing and sharing personal content via customized Web sites or blogs. Personal sites can include photo albums, music, video, files, bookmarks and personal profiles.

TagWorld president Evan Rifkin said that he and co-founder and CEO Fred Kruger launched the service to satisfy their own needs for an easier way to keep track of their own content.

"We envisioned a world in which you were able to start moving your stuff online and have it all in one place," he said. "TagWorld empowers users with a Web presence."

As more blogs and photo albums are created, Rifkin added, "We believe in the next two to five years, people will start to move their lives more online ... and start sharing it with other people. And they're going to want a lot of control over that."

TagWorld allows users to set permission levels, limiting access to content or opening it up to search engine indexes and the world.

Rifkin said that in addition to making it easier for people to keep track of their own digital information, TagWorld will also make it easier for friends and family to check in, because they won't have to remember multiple passwords and URLs to follow blogs and photo albums.

TagWorld offers a single drag-and-drop interface for designing, managing and tagging content. Users can mix and match modules for a guestbook, photo album, blog and media player for video streaming. Design changes take effect immediately.

Besides their own content, users can tag other Web sites and people. However, as tagging becomes more popular, it becomes less useful, because there's no standardization for tags. "Dog," "dogs" and "doggies" all may be used by different people to tag the same photo.

To reduce the problem and make tags more useful, TagWorld will include an auto-complete feature that automatically suggests the most popular tag for a particular item.

"Tags allow you to organize these things so you can view them in the way you want to -- so other people can start to view the stuff that you want to share," Rifkin said.

Each free TagWorld account comes with 1 gigabyte of free storage and the ability to upload and stream video and audio.