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Citrix Faster Than a New York Minute?

NEW YORK -- Ever wanted to make a New York minute even faster?

Citrix Systems used the Interop show here as the launch pad for its latest WAN and application acceleration products WANScaler 8000 and NetScaler 7.

The WANScaler product takes advantage of Multi-level Compression technology that comes as the result of Citrix's acquisition of Orbital data earlier this year.

Greg Smith, director of product marketing for the application networking group at Citrix, explained that the Multi-level Compression technology was developed by Orbital Data and first available on the WANScaler 6000 series.

On the WANScaler 8000, the Multi-level Compression was enhanced with a longer compression history and higher compression ratios.

Citrix claims that with the WANScaler 8000, there is an application response time improvement of up to 300 percent, thanks to the Multi-level Compression technology that is utilized.

According to Smith, the Multi-level Compression in the WANScaler 8000 is a WAN optimization industry first that is different than competitive WAN acceleration technologies.

"Unlike the competition, Multi-level Compression applies up to five compression algorithms in order to achieve optimal performance for any application traffic over any WAN condition," Smith explained.

"Other vendors apply only a simple GZIP-like compressor, which is not optimal for all types of traffic and network conditions."

"Additionally, Multi-level Compression can reach very high compression ratios, sending only a few bytes that represent many megabytes results in faster application performance over the WAN."

Citrix's NetScaler product originally also was the fruit of a Citrix acquisition.

In 2005, Citrix acquired San Jose-based NetScaler for $300 million in cash and stock.

The latest Citrix Netscaler version 7 includes 150 new features to the product, many of them designed to make it easier to manage and use the product.

It's all part of an industry evolution toward looking at acceleration as a real enterprise need.

"The application delivery product industry is relatively new and growing at a rapid pace," Smith noted.

"In the early 2000's, application delivery products like NetScaler and WANScaler were considered tactical products purchased to solve a single problem in the enterprise network."

"Starting in 2003, CIOs shifted their focus away from improving network plumbing (e.g. routers and switches) to maximizing application performance for the end user."