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NYSE Taps Juniper for Datacenter Effort

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From the "Fastest trading platform on the planet" files:

NYSE Euronext is partnering with Juniper Networks (NASDAQ:JNPR) in the build out and consolidation of new datacenters. As of the time of this post, I don't have the financial details on the transaction.

The real key for the NYSE Euronext exchange for their new data centers is all about lowering latency and being faster. During a press conference announcing the deal, NYSE Euronext CIO Steve Rubinow said that for the exchange, "latency is an obsession."

Rubinow commented that the new datacenters could be thought of as a cloud, though they will not be entirely virtualized.

"Real cloud technology requires virtualization and overhead," Rubinow said. "That bit of movement introduces latency."

The key to reducing latency, according to Juniper executives, is the fact that Juniper has its own silicon and the JUNOS operating system.

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