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First Draft of FCC Broadband Policy Revealed

There's a lot at stake for future broadband development, including $7 billion in stimulus money from the federal government. The Federal Communications Commission has until mid-February to come up with a proposal on how to build out national broadband infrastructure, and today delivered an early draft of the plan. Enterprise Networking Planet has the details.

A government task force charged with developing a comprehensive national strategy for broadband deployment and adoption today issued its first set of policy recommendations, calling for an overhaul of a federal telephone subsidy program and a revision of the current system of allocating wireless spectrum.

The Federal Communications Commission heard from leaders of the team developing the national broadband plan at its monthly meeting this morning, two months ahead of the deadline Congress set to deliver the final version.

But they spoke of the plan as only a modest first step, a down payment on forward-looking broadband policies that would certainly change and evolve over time.

"All the countries that have successfully implemented a plan have looked at this not as a single event but as an ongoing process," said Blair Levin, executive director of the FCC's Omnibus Broadband Initiative.

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