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Asterisk Open Source PBX Makes Support Pitch

When it comes to marketing any type of enterprise-grade software, ensuring that your customers have options for support is critical. That's increasingly important as open source makes its way into enterprise IT, and for ensuring that the rapid pace of development doesn't overshadow companies' need for a stable, dependable release they can rely on for extended periods.

That's the sort of thinking that's found its way into Linux distributions like Ubuntu, and now it's being baked into the popular Asterisk open source VoIP PBX. EnterpriseVoIPPlanet takes a look.

The Ubuntu Linux distribution isn't the only open source project with a long-term-support release on the horizon. The Asterisk open source VoIP PBX project is moving ahead with its own long-term support (LTS) plans with its 1.8 release.

Asterisk's LTS releases are maintained for at least four years, as opposed to regular releases, which are only supported for a minimum of one year. The Asterisk 1.4 release, which came out in 2006, is considered the current LTS version, with the more recent Asterisk 1.6 branch designated as the regular release. The move to an LTS model is a new approach for the Asterisk project.

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