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GOP Turns to Open Source VoIP Vendor Asterisk

Just because politicians throw money around like they have an endless supply doesn't mean their official organizations can do it. Parties need to save every penny to give to candidates running for office, and what better way to keep costs down than to go the open source route? Enterprise VoIP Planet has more details.

Open source software is being used today by all types of companies and organizations—even the Republican Party is an adopter.

The Republican National Committee (RNC), which has already embraced the open source Asterisk VoIP IP-PBX, is ramping up its usage as the next election cycle nears.

Chad Barth, vice president of business development at SmarTech, described the details of the RNC's Asterisk deployment during a session at last week's IT360 conference held in Toronto. SmarTech is a tech vendor providing IT services to the RNC, and helped to build out its Asterisk based phone system.

The RNC isn't using Asterisk simply to make calls. It's also using the technology to track voter contact and survey results.

"Political campaigns rely on identification to help get people to turn out on Election Day," Barth said. "Person-to-person contact is often most effective as opposed to mass mailings."

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