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KineticD Combines Storage With Remote Access

Two of the more common Internet-based functions in datacenter and server management is remote access and backup. But has anyone thought about combining them? KineticD has, merging remote access similar to pcANYWHERE with cloud-based storage into a single system.

Why would you want that? Well, why run two separate applications when you can use just one? More importantly, there is some synergy to be had by providing the ability to connect and share data. Small Business Computing takes a closer look.

Sometimes the value of innovation isn't so much about brand-new technology as it is about combining features in new ways. Such is the case with KineticD, a new service aimed at small- and mid-sized businesses that combines cloud-based backup storage with features similar to GoToMyPC and others that let people access files on their desktop from remote locations.

The service is made up of two main features: The KineticSecure storage service is designed to let people easily backup, access, share and recover online digital assets using either a Windows PC or Mac client. The company said it differs from other backup services with its patented "Continuous Backup" technology that immediately detects, encrypts and automatically saves incremental changes, including open files such as Outlook e-mail files and "always-on" servers such as Exchange.

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