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Next Steps for FCC's Broadband Plan

The FCC has been forced to regroup following a court decision that said it can't apply old telcom laws to new broadband companies. So now it has to figure out what tack to take, and it's not waiting for Congress to act, either. So what will the FCC do that will keep the broadband companies, Congress and the courts happy? Enterprise Networking Planet takes a look.

WASHINGTON -- The top attorney at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has made it clear that the agency isn't going to wait for Congress to act before it attempts to clarify its authority over the broadband services sector following a recent legal setback.

FCC General Counsel Austin Schlick said on Tuesday that word from congressional committee leaders that they plan to begin overhauling the Communications Act to put the agency on more solid footing regarding ISPs won't deter its own work on the issue.

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