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FCC Has Broadband Regulations on its Agenda

How much should the government regulate the Internet and the service providers consumers rely on? The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the courts continue to wrestle with issues related to regulation of the Internet and so-called net neutrality rules that proponents say would ensure equal access to the Web.

Enterprise Networking Planet reports on an upcoming FCC meeting that it hopes will, among other things, help clarify its authority over the Internet services sector.

The Federal Communications Commission plans to begin the contentious process of establishing a firmer regulatory grip on the Internet services sector at its monthly meeting in June.

When they convene June 17, the commissioners will vote on a notice of inquiry seeking comment on the reclassification of broadband as a regulated telecommunications service, a move that has sparked vigorous opposition from Internet service providers and hundreds of members of Congress, despite the promise of the FCC chairman he will enact meaningful restraints to shield the industry from the most burdensome compliance requirements established for monopoly-era phone companies.

The agency announced that its notice of inquiry will seek comments from interested parties on three possible scenarios.

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