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Mobile Broadband Gets White House Backing

The U.S. is a technology leader in many areas but for years has trailed other countries in making broadband access widely available or even as fast for those who do get it. But the latest wave of Internet innovations have more to do with delivery to mobile devices than traditional desktop computers.

Enterprise Networking Planet has the details on the Obama administration's efforts to help the growth of mobile broadband networks. As one administration official put it, the continued development of our digital infrastructure is key to ensuring the U.S. keeps its competitive technological edge.

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration on Monday threw its full weight behind a policy initiative aimed at spurring mobile broadband networks by reallocating wireless spectrum from government agencies and businesses.

Obama issued a memorandum this morning directing the Secretary of Commerce and the agency within the department that oversees federal spectrum to coordinate with the Federal Communications Commission to develop a plan to free up 500 MHz of spectrum over the next 10 years.

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