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Cloud Computing Survey Has an IT Focus

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  • As more enterprises investigate the potential and promise of cloud computing, the technology itself and the pros and cons of different vendor's solutions are coming into sharper focus.

    Datamation reports on a survey of IT decision-makers at mid- to large-sized companies who have adopted at least one cloud or SaaS application. As the article details, those participating in the survey had some definite views on what's holding back wider adoption of cloud computing solutions and they also shared their own priorities related to their use and adoption of cloud-based solutions.

    Cloud computing is -- or should be -- on every IT decision maker's radar, given the potential cost savings and prospects for a more flexible and scalable IT infrastructure.

    But moving to the cloud is hardly a slam dunk for many enterprises. First there is the basic issue of the work and resources required to transition to the cloud. Also, security concerns are often cited as the main stumbling block to broader cloud adoption.

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