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Juniper T4000 Heats Up High-End Routing Battle

Juniper Networks is out with a major update to its core routing product, boasting that the new T4000 offers significant improvements in performance and energy efficiency. The new device is built on the next generation of Juniper's Trio silicon, which made its debut in the company's MX-3D routing platform.

The update to Juniper's high-end core router comes amid stiff competition in the space from rival Cisco, which updated its own comparable product, the CRS-3, earlier this year. Enterprise Networking Planet takes a look at Juniper's new router.

The battle for the next generation of top-end routing hits a new milestone this week with Juniper's announcement of the new T4000 core router.

Juniper (NYSE:JNPR) is updating its current flagship core router, the T1600, which was first announced in 2007, delivering 1.6 Terabits per second in a half rack. The new T4000 is set to deliver 4 Terabits per second in the same half rack chassis, with up to 240 Gbps per slot of capacity and 2 billion packets per second of forwarding capacity. The new T4000 comes as rival Cisco pushes out its own next generation core router with the CRS-3, which was announced earlier this year.

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