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Verizon, SAP, Others Form Wi-Fi Working Group

Current Wi-Fi technical specifications just might not be good enough to handle the growing demand for multimedia content. In response to that perceived shortcoming, Verizon Wireless, SAP and several universities have joined forces to help nurture the growth of multimedia-grade Wi-Fi.

"A lot of the Wi-Fi infrastructure has been built to accommodate access, giving people connectivity to the Internet," said Brad Noblet, chairman of the Multimedia Grade Working Group. But no more.

The new group is working to sort through the technical challenges to developing a Wi-Fi network that can handle the demands pose by voice, video and data traffic. Wi-Fi Planet has the story.

Are current Wi-Fi specs good enough for multimedia content delivery? A new industry association called the Multimedia Grade Working Group thinks there is more work to be done.

Verizon Wireless and SAP are involved with the new group, as well as multiple universities including Brandeis, Carnegie Mellon and Northwestern. Wi-Fi infrastructure vendor Aruba is another supporter, helping to underwrite a portion of the group's expenses. The goal of the group is to help define the challenges and requirements for a multimedia grade Wi-Fi network that can effectively deliver voice, video and data traffic.

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