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How Much Will the Move to IPv6 Cost?

You can't say that the transition to IPv6 has exactly snuck up on Internet players, but nevertheless, may firms have delayed migrating their Web properties, a sluggishness that's due in part to concerns about the cost.

But cost or not, the transition is happening. And this week the final blocks of free IPv4 addresses were allocated, adding that much more urgency to the upgrade to IPv6.

So what goes into the cost matrix for businesses planning for the switchover?

"The cost is one of these items that each actor, depending on what role they play in the Internet, needs to address and everyone has their own role," said John Curran, president and CEO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers.

Curran also noted that many Internet companies have already rolled out IPv6 versions of their websites, including Google and Facebook.

For companies that have been sitting on the sidelines, Curran suggests that they begin to incorporate the IPv6 upgrade as a part of any new deployments. He also notes that IPv6 shouldn't necessitate the purchase of new equipment or a major hardware upgrade, emphasizing that the transition is primarily a chore of reconfiguring existing Web servers, routers, firewalls and operating systems.

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